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Free science magazines, news and articles

Read free science content spanning articles, journals and magazines. Online educational resources share ideas in science, including those crossing boundaries with art and creative writing. Here at SciMags we share with you free copies so you can stay tuned with the latest, trending science research topics. Have a look at our list below.


List of Free Science Resources

Below is a current list of free to access (open access) science news and research resources.

Free to read science magazines:

NatureVolve, a digital magazine crossing boundaries between science and art. Subscribe for free downloads.

Science Art News - a news website crossing boundaries across science and art in its up and coming stories.

Au Science Magazine (University of Aberdeen)

Science by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

The Scientist, a life sciences magazine.

Free to read academic journals:

Frontiers,: Free to read academic publisher (open access).

BioMed Central: Free to read academic publisher with an emphasis on biology and the medical sciences.

...and many others provide magazine issues.

At this page, a comprehensive list is currently being worked on.

Feel free to enjoy a free subscription with NatureVolve Magazine (uniting art and science for the planet), below, to get updates with new releases and to gain free downloads of digital issues.

Read free science articles straight away, in digital magazines below


Download free magazine issues

Download free copies of science communication magazine issues from the NatureVolve series.

You will be taken to a Dropbox page where you can view or download the PDF issue in full.

Download issue 10, or any back issues from the full archive below.


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